Sensiv Rehab Cryotherapy Immersion Recovery System

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The Sensiv Cryotherapy Immersion Recovery System helps individual patients recover after sustaining traumatic bodily injury. The system is intended to reduce pain and assist with rehabilitation for those with bruising, arthritis pains, and sciatica. Cold therapy plus natural compression from surrounding water pressure promotes blood flow to major organs like the heart, brain, and lungs. Cryotherapy has been administered since the early days of Greek and Roman medicine.

The natural, non-medicated benefits help individuals manage blood pressure, improve circulation, and repair muscle damage. As soon as you emerge from the cold water, those same blood vessels expand (vasodilation). When that happens, the oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood gets pumped back to your tissues, helping remove waste products, such as lactic acid, and lower inflammation. Take what used to be only available at your physical therapist’s clinic and use this recommended rehab and recovery treatment system at home. 

  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Reduce pain associated with arthritis and sciatica
  • Compression and cryotherapy for improved circulation
  • Relieves pain from bruising, tissue, and muscle damage
What's Included
  • Inflatable Cryotherapy Immersion Tub (black)
  • App-controlled Water Chiller
  • Travel/ Storage Backpack
  • Tub Cover
  • Pump
  • 2.5m Clear Water Pipe 2x
  • Quick Connector 2x
  • Plastic Wrench 1x
  • Filter 2x
  • Rubber Ring 4x
Tub Specs
  • External: 49 L x 25.5 W x 26 H inches
  • Internal: 43 L x 19 W x 26.5 H inches
  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Water Capacity: 320L ( 90% )
  • Net Weight: 66 lbs‍
Chiller Specs:
  • Input Voltage: AC100-127V 60Hz
  • Input Power: 640W
  • Compressor Power: 505W
  • Cooling Capacity: 1520W
  • Water Temperature: 38 degree F minimum
  • Disinfection: Buit-in High Efficiency Ozone Sterilizaiton
  • Circulation Pump: Buit-in Self-priming System
  • Water Filter: Installed External
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Carry Handle: Yes
  • Control Method: Wi-Fi & Bluetooth App
  • Dimension: 16.5 L x 330 W x 480 H mm
  • Net Weight: 66 lbs

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