We started Kanjo out of a fundamental need for natural, accessible pain relief.

Kanjo’s founders — sufferers of back and neck pain ourselves — grew skeptical that drugs should be the primary solution to chronic pain. And we knew we weren’t alone.

Through our search for alternative pain relief, we discovered a range of traditional Eastern medical approaches — many practiced for hundreds of years, but not known to Westerners at all.

We interviewed spinal surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, personal trainers, reiki healers… and discovered something interesting: Western medical practitioners welcome these seemingly esoteric pain-relief methods.

Many were using these techniques themselves, treating their own pain.

In lies Kanjo’s company ethos: Eastern and Western medicine can and should work together. There is merit in both thousand-year-old techniques and cutting-edge empirical approaches.

The result of our search is a suite of products that offer natural, targeted relief for a range of common aches, both physical and mental.

Our conviction, and hope for you as our customer, is that pain relief should be targeted only to where it’s needed. It should be available to you, on your own terms.

Above all: Relief should not come at the cost of overall health, like it so often does.