Using your Kanjo Mat

There are two recommended ways to use the Kanjo Mat:

  1. Simply lay the mat flat on the ground and lay your back on the mat’s plastic stimulators. If you’ve purchased the mat with the pillow included, rest your neck on the pillow after your back has made contact with the mat.
  2. Alternative method: place a rolled towel under the top of the Kanjo Mat where your neck rests before lying on the mat. Doing so adds support to the back and neck, and can enhance the Kanjo Mat’s overall pain-relief effects.

If it’s your first time using the Kanjo Mat, we recommend a 15-minute session to start. First-time Kanjo Mat users may feel strange, or even uncomfortable lying on the plastic stimulators. Any discomfort will subside as the nervous system responds to the stimulators' effects and pain relief begins (After a few minutes of contact).

Some Kanjo Mat users might also benefit from standing on the mat, applying stimulator pressure to the feet. Such usage mimics the effects of traditional Chinse reflexology, and may assist in pain relief.

Note: The Kanjo Mat’s pain-relief effects are best facilitated by lying on the mat with your bare skin. For some, this may be overwhelming, and a shirt can be worn to reduce sensitivity to the mat’s stimulators.

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