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Kanjo Acupressure Foot Pain Relief Mat

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The Kanjo Acupressure Foot Pain Relief Mat offers a versatile at-home solution for foot pain. Taken from ancient Eastern methodologies used in acupuncture, the Pain Relief Mat targets acupressure points to reduce pain in the feet. Contoured, rounded spikes are raised in the center to engage with the arch for increased relief. The Kanjo Acupressure Foot Pain Relief Mat alleviates general foot, heel
and arch pain caused by plantar fasciitis, running, walking, and working on your feet. FSA/HSA eligible

Benefits include:
• Foot pain relief
• Relief from plantar fasciitis
• Heel and arch pain relief
• Alleviates pain caused by running, walking, and working on your feet
• Stress relief and relaxation
• May improve circulation

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that chi (or qi) is the healing energy that flows throughout the human body by way of meridian pathways. Blockages in these pathways can cause various aches, pains, and spasms. Acupressure therapy is used to target, engage, and relieve specific meridian pathways, reducing any discomfort. Comfortable, stimulating and versatile, this Acupressure Pain Relief
Mat is useful for tackling foot pain while sitting or standing at your desk.
Kanjo Acupressure Pain Relief Mats are made of sturdy PVC plastic.

Dimensions: 13.5” x10.5” x 1”

WARNING: Possible exposure to chemicals that can cause cancer and birth defects.