Sexual Reflexology - Discover the Sexual Pressure Points

Sexual reflexology is a powerful tool that utilizes sexual pressure points to improve sex with your partner.

Sexual reflexology works by tapping into acupressure points and utilizing the body's natural healing power for partner stimulation.

Stimulating certain pressure points through firm pressure and gentle massage with circular motions will increase blood circulation and release endorphins that lead to pleasurable sensations.

By stimulating the correct pressure points, you can engage in more orgasmic experiences, while also reducing stress and anxiety.

The key to using sexual reflexology successfully is knowing where each point is located. Once you learn the pressure points, you can easily stimulate them for satisfying experiences with your partner.

This article will teach you how to use sexual reflexology to increase your pleasure during foreplay and intercourse. Read on and see how you can use this simple and effective method to improve your sex life.

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9 Pressure Points for Exciting Arousal

These are the key pressure points used in sexual reflexology to increase arousal and pleasure.

1. Head Massage

GV 20 Pressure Point

The head is one of the most active and sensitive areas of your body. As our lives get busier, our brain often goes into overdrive and that's not helpful when you want to be intimate with your partner. 

Massaging different parts of the head will help to relax your mind and body, allowing you to enjoy being present at the moment.

Start with massaging the top of your head, where the Governor Vessel 20 (GV 20 or DU 20) pressure point is. Gently massage using a slow, circular motion and work your way down to the temples and ears. 

2. Ears

Daith Pressure Point

Ears are very sensitive and an erogenous area that can lead to healthy blood flow and pleasure. The ear has many pressure points, including the earlobes, Daith, and Bosch pressure points. 

Pressure points on the ear are often used to relieve stress, anxiety, headaches, and muscle tension in the body. Gentle massaging of the ears will help relax and get your partner in the mood. 

When massaging the right earlobe, it stimulates the pituitary gland and the left brain. Stimulating the pituitary gland will increase sex hormones and sexual drive in your partner. 

On the other side, massaging the left earlobe will stimulate the pineal gland and right brain. The pineal gland also helps influence sex gland functions. Stimulating the pineal gland will help increase melatonin levels, which will help prevent erectile dysfunction. 

3. Breasts

The breasts and nipples are highly sensitive areas that are pleasurable and can increase sexual desire. The areola and surrounding skin are also sensitive and can provide great pleasure.

You can stimulate these areas by gently rubbing and massaging along the breastbone and around the nipple. You can also lightly stroke the areola with your fingertips.

4. Stomach 30 (ST 30) - Rushing Qi or Rushing Door 

Stomach 30 (ST 30) Pressure Points

The Rushing Qi pressure point is located around the hip where your thigh and belly meet. These two points are found on both sides of the genitals and are often stimulated during foreplay. 

Rubbing and massaging these points will heighten arousal and excitement. Applying firm, gentle pressure with the palm of your hands will increase the sexual response in the genitals. Holding eye contact while down in the area will also increase the intimacy felt with your partner.

5. Conception Vessel 4 (CV 4 or REN 4) - Guanyuan or Gate of Origin

Conception Vessel 4 (CV 4) Pressure Point

The Gate of Origin pressure point is one of the best sexual massage pressure points for females. This spot will increase energy and circulation throughout the pelvic region to heighten sexual awareness and pleasure. 

Find this acupressure point four finger widths below the belly button. Firm pressure and a gentle massage will increase blood flow and oxygenation of the genitalia. It will also improve vaginal lubrication and sensitivity.

6. Mount of Venus

The Mount of Venus is found in the area where pubic hair grows, just above the vagina. Massaging here will increase blood flow and enhance a woman's libido. It will increase vaginal lubrication and decrease genital pain. 

Apply firm, gentle pressure with three fingers on this pressure point and hold for 30 seconds. You can try small, slow circular motions to increase sensations.  

7. Bladder 23 (B 23) - Kidney Shu or Sea of Vitality

Bladder 23 (B 23) Pressure Points

A back massage is a popular form of foreplay for good reason. They help release endorphins and serotonin, which create feelings of euphoria and relaxation. One of the key pressure points on the back is the B 23 point. 

The Sea of Vitality pressure points are located on the lower back at the same level as your belly button. From either side of the spine, they are two finger widths to the right and left of the spine.

A gentle massage at these points will increase sex drive and stamina. It will also increase blood flow to the genitals.

8. Bladder 27 (B 27 or BL 27) - Xiaochangshu or Small Intestine Shu 

Bladder 27 (B 27 or BL 27) Pressure Points

The Bladder 27 pressure points located on the sacrum (booty) are other great sexually stimulative points on the backside. Massaging these points will increase blood flow and liven up the genitals. 

These acupressure points are found on top of the buttocks at the tailbone, and two finger widths from the spine. Pressing too hard can be painful for some people, so be sure to start gently and ask your partner if it's painful. 

9. Kidney 1 (KD 1) and Spleen 4 (SP 4) - Feet

The KD 1 and SP 4 pressure points are located on each foot that will help to improve circulation and relieve anxiety, stress, headaches, and pain. That will help to release serotonin for you and your partner to better enjoy your sexual experiences. 

Spleen 4 (SP 4) Pressure Point

The Spleen 4 points are located on the inside of each foot in the middle of your arch. It's where the white and red skin meet at the base of your feet.

KD 1 Pressure Points

The KD 1 acupressure point is located in the middle vertical line of the foot sole. It's about one-third down from your toes to the heel, and two-thirds up from your heel. 

Foot massages are popular for foreplay because they will help relax your partner and increase their libido. Don't be afraid to massage all around the feet.  

Sexual Pressure Points FAQs

Man sensually massaging partner

What Is the Difference Between Sexual Reflexology and Erotic Massage?

Sexual reflexology and erotic massage are similar in that their goals are to increase arousal and pleasure in partners, but they differ in the locations of the pressure and massage.

Sexual reflexology focuses on stimulating pressure points along the body's energy meridians to awaken the sexual organs and increase arousal. The goal is to stimulate different points across the entire body and not just the genitals.



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