6 Acupressure Points For Diabetes

Managing diabetes and its effects requires you to control your diet and exercise activity. There are also natural remedies that can support you in normalizing your blood sugar, and acupressure is one of them.

Acupressure originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine and pressure to specific acupressure points in the body to provide relief to different parts of the body.

Research on acupressure and diabetics shows that it can also contribute to managing high blood sugar levels. You can apply this technique by yourself or receive acupressure treatment from a certified acupressure practitioner.

This article will cover some useful tips and six key acupressure points for diabetes that have proven to be most effective and beneficial in controlling diabetes.

How Does Acupressure Help Diabetics?

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Acupressure helps diabetics by regulating blood glucose levels and the hormonal system, which is a key factor in managing diabetes. 

Acupressure therapy helps you balance your body's insulin levels through regulating pancreatic function. That also helps to promote healthy weight loss and improving digestion, which can improve your body's metabolism as well. 

Obesity is one of the major causes of diabetes. By balancing hormones and regulating blood sugar levels, acupressure can help reduce obesity and prevent further complications such as heart disease and stroke.

Acupressure stimulates the flow of energy through the meridian channels to balance the organ functions and the systems responsible for regulating blood sugar in the body. 

The most significant benefits of acupressure points for diabetes involve regulating the symptoms. You can apply this treatment every time you need to balance your blood sugar.

There are six key pressure points for controlling blood sugar levels and maintenance of diabetes symptoms in the body.

1. Hand (Intestines Point)

Hand Intestines Point

The intestines point is a popular acupressure point for diabetes located on the hand, just between your index finger and the thumb. There is a soft, fleshy part there.

Use the index and thumb of the opposite hand to apply pressure there. You can do this for up to 5 minutes. Then you need to repeat the process, on the other hand.

These points regulate your pancreatic function and your intestines. Another beneficial effect of this point is reducing pain in the stomach, aiding digestion, regulating the heat in the body, and promoting healthy weight loss.

2. Wrist (Stress Relief Point)

Wrist Stress Relief Point

The stress relief pressure point is the second most effective in helping relieve diabetes symptoms.

The location of the stress relief point is located on the wrist, just under the palm, on the side of the little finger (pinky finger).

You can turn the palm of your left hand upwards, and on the right side, just underneath the palm, you can spot it on your wrist. You can mirror the same process on the right hand.

Massage this point for 5 minutes every day for optimal results.

This point is connected to the heart, which controls the heart's stress and also promotes healthy blood circulation. This is very influential in diabetes management and in reducing weight effectively.

3. Feet (Liver Point)

Feet Liver Point

The liver acupressure point for diabetes is a powerful remedy for blood sugar imbalances, insomnia, stress, emotional disturbances, depressive conditions, and liver issues. This pressure point also helps high blood pressure.

You can find the pressure point on your foot, where your toe joint and the toe next to it meet. When you apply firm pressure there, you will feel some soreness. Soreness is fine, but be sure to stop if you feel pain. 

Another way to locate it is to place your forefinger and middle finger horizontally just where your toe ends. You will find this acupressure point just below your fingers.

Apply steady pressure and massage there for about 5 minutes for each leg. You can do this just before you go to bed each night because it has an additional benefit of promoting relaxation.

For best results, massage gently in a counterclockwise circle direction.

4. Near The Calf Of Your Leg (Spleen Point)

Near The Calf Of Your Leg Spleen Point

This acupressure point for diabetes is related to Spleen 8 in the Traditional Chinese acupressure terminology. It regulates blood sugar, the spleen, and the body's overall well-being and stress control mechanism.

This spleen point can also help promote healthy digestion and reproductive health, while reducing menstrual cramps.

You can find it on your calf, just behind the shin bone. It is right above the ankle on the inner part of your lower leg. 

If you have trouble finding the acupoint, try to gently press around the area until you feel some tenderness or soreness. This is a sign that you have located it.

Apply gentle pressure and massage the point for about 5 minutes. It is helpful to do this daily to increase the positive effects and help the overall healing of the organism.

5. Knee (Urinary Point)

Knee Urinary Point


The urinary point is helpful with blood sugar control, weight loss, digestion issues, and potential aids in preventing premature aging.

Diabetes is closely linked to how the digestive system works. When the digestive system doesn't have any issues, the blood sugar levels are regulated naturally. This is why many acupressure points are related directly or indirectly to digestion.

You can find the urinary pressure point about 2 cm (0.79 inches) below the kneecap on the back of the knee. It is right where your calf ends. Stimulate this point daily for about 5 min for each leg. It is good to apply pressure both in clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

6. Below the Knees (Arthritis Point)

Below the Knees Arthritis Point

This acupressure point for diabetes is again a pivotal point in controlling diabetes. It also helps with arthritis and indigestion.

To locate it, you need to go about 2 cm (0.79 inches) below your kneecap on the outer part of the shinbone. Apply steady pressure in a circular motion for about 5 minutes daily for best results.

Does Acupressure for Diabetics Work?

Yes, acupressure does work for diabetics. Acupressure therapy helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels, along with a range of health conditions that can also affect diabetes.

Acupressure can also help to reduce other symptoms associated with high blood sugar levels, such as frequent urination, thirst, hunger, fatigue, blurred vision, dry mouth, and increased heart rate.

It is important to note that acupressure should not replace conventional medical treatment. If you are diabetic, you should always seek professional advice from your doctor first before trying any alternative therapies.

Diabetes is a complex condition that is a result of many factors. Handling it correctly involves taking a look at a person's whole lifestyle. Diet and regular exercise are of crucial importance.

Is Acupressure Safe For Diabetes?

Acupressure for diabetes is safe. There are generally no side effects from acupressure therapy because it's using your body's own internal life energy. 

Stimulating pressure points in the body aids in blood circulation and blood flow. That means more oxygen gets delivered to cells throughout the body. The end result is relief from the pain of a myriad of health conditions. 

However, before starting any acupressure treatment, it's important to consult with your healthcare professional if you have pre-existing conditions.

Pressure Points for Diabetes Final Thoughts

massaging foot with diabetes

Oscillating blood sugar levels can lead to a constant sense of fatigue and low energy. It can drastically impact the well-being of many organs and put stress on your whole body.

With proper treatment and management, insulin levels can be kept within normal limits. Use these 6 essential diabetes acupressure points to help keep your blood sugar at bay and promote good overall health. 



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