7 Acupressure Points for Arthritis in Fingers

In our modern world filled with interactive technologies and new modes of working, having joint pain or arthritis symptoms will get in the way of our quality of life.

Arthritis causes varying levels of pain and stiffness that generally worsens with age. Increased swelling and tenderness of joints are common.

While there are several pain medication options to try to relieve the woes of arthritis, some people turn to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupressure. 

Acupressure is similar to acupuncture, except there are no acupuncture needles involved. They use the same meridian lines (invisible channels) where our life energy (qi) flows.

In this article, we will cover seven of the most effective acupressure points that are used to help ease arthritis in the hands. At the same time, they can help with many other physical and mental ailments as well.

7 Finger Pressure Points to Relieve Arthritis Pain

1. Pericardium 6 (PC 6 or P 6) - Neiguan or Inner Frontier Gate

The PC 6 is a pressure point commonly utilized for symptoms such as motion sickness, stomach pain, and indigestion that can spring up in everyday situations.

Because of its calming qualities, it is also used to help relieve insomnia, anxiety and nausea.

Not only does it consult the symptoms listed above, the PC 6 can also help in relieving rheumatoid arthritis.

A close neighbor to the lung channel, the Pericardium 6 channel can be found by placing three fingers on your wrist crease, on the inner side of your forearm.

From this position, look for where the tendon meets the outline of your finger furthest away from your hand.

Any readers that are familiar with magnetic wristbands will find familiarity with this acupressure point, as the magnet activates the same space to help fight motion sickness.

The PC 6 point is popular for its reputation as being one of the only proven points that have an effect in isolation. This means that there’s no need to activate other pressure points around the body at the same time!

This makes it particularly handy for feelings of anxiety or nausea while you are out and about.

2. Heart 7 (HT 7) - Shenmen or Spirit Gate

Hand with HT 7 pressure point

Next up is the HT 7 acupoint, which is known for helping to relieve anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Because of the physical counterpart of these feelings, stimulating the HT 7 also helps to relieve irritability and chest palpitations.

The Heart 7 pressure point belongs to the heart meridian and is located next to your outer arm tendon.

To find the point, trace a line down from your pinkie finger until you find an indentation in your inner wrist crease.

For those that find the H7 therapeutic, it may be worth trying to find a massage tool or object to put underneath the wrist crease while you are using a mouse.

This will help you to passively optimize the activation of this pressure point even when working!

3. Small Intestine 4 (SI 4) - Wangu or Wrist Bone

 si4 pressure point in hands

The Small Intestine 4 acupressure point is commonly used for pain and swelling along the wrist, fingers, and jaw, which makes it an ideal treatment for relieving arthritis pain.

To find this point, look at the side of the arm in the depression by the wrist crease.

This location can be difficult to find, so if you are struggling it might be worth your time to look up where the fifth metacarpal bone is, as it is right next to that point.

4. Small Intestine 5 (SI 5) - Yang Gu or Yang Valley

si 5 pressure point in hand

The SI 5 refers to a small intestine pressure point found at the joint of your wrist on the back of your hand.

If you trace the bone of your little finger down to where it connects with the wrist bone, you will find the dent of the SI 5 point.

To stimulate the Yang Valley, it is recommended to take the wrist with one hand and grasp it so that you can press into SI 5 with your middle finger.

This acupoint is effective in relieving neck pain, wrist pain, hand pain, and febrile diseases.

5. Large Intestine 5 (LI 5) - Yang Xi or Yang Stream

Li 5 pressure point in hand

The Ll 5 is a common acupressure point for arthritis in the hands, though it is also used for treating frontal headaches, swelling of the eye, wrist pain, and toothaches.

Referred to as the Jing-River Point of the large intestine meridian, you can find it by lifting your thumb and arching it backward.

Now, looking at where your thumb connects to your wrist, two tendons form a triangular indentation. The center of this depression is where you will find Ll 5.

To stimulate the Ll 5 it is recommended to rub it with your opposing thumb, instead of just pressing in.

6. Lung 6 (LU 6) - Kongzui or Maximum Opening

Lu 6 pressure point in hand

The Maximum Opening is a regenerative acupoint that is used for regulating Qi and stopping bleeding, as well as providing acupressure relief for arthritis.

The Lung meridian runs up the inner side of your arms. In order to locate this acupoint, make a slight bend in your elbow so that your palm is facing up.

Following that, place four fingers from the elbow crease inwards towards your thumb. From here, your fourth finger will be resting on LU 6.

To optimize the healing potential of this acupoint, you should press on the point with your opposite thumb while holding your elbow in place with your fingers.

7. EX-UE 9 or M-UE 9 or Baxie or Eight Evils

ex-ue 9 pressure point in hand

While Eight Evils might sound a little ominous, this acupoint is nothing but productive. It is generous with remedial qualities in treating snake bites, eye pain, or hand swelling.

Between both hands, the Baxie has a total of eight points that you can stimulate to help relieve the strain of arthritis.

You can find the Baxie on the back of the hand at the midpoint of the palm. Here, you’ll find the point which holds the connection of the web between all five fingers.

Can Arthritis Be Cured With Acupressure?

Sadly, there is no permanent cure for arthritis. However, that is no reason to give up hope, as there are many methods for slowing it down or escaping the pain cycle!

Acupressure is one of those methods. While its impact might not biologically reverse the presence of arthritis, it can offer long-term pain relief for patients who resonate with its remedial practice.

One of the positive elements that come with adopting acupressure as a treatment for arthritis is that it does not have the side effects that may come with taking arthritic medications.

Indeed, some patients may choose to use a hybrid of both medication and acupressure to soothe the symptoms of the condition. 

It's best to work with experienced acupressure practitioners and talk to your healthcare providers for your own conditions and situations. They can help explain how you can best manage your arthritis pain and stiff joints.

Acupressure Points for Arthritis Pain Final Thoughts

Often triggered or exacerbated through excessive computer use and poor ergonomic foundations, chronic pain from arthritis or other clinical conditions plague the modern lifestyle of screens. Whether it's for play or work at home, these are increasingly common conditions we deal with.

You might be surprised by how quickly these pressure points can produce health benefits for your lifestyle. Gentle pressure can soothe arthritis pain and other chronic conditions that you might be experiencing.




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