Best Muscle Roller Sticks of 2023

Whether you’re a fitness newbie or a seasoned gym goer looking to improve your physique, muscle roller sticks can have a huge positive impact on your training.

Muscle rollers can help you to achieve your pain free goals, and while anybody can use them, it’s important to do some research before purchasing one yourself.

If you’re curious about what muscle rollers are, why they’re important, and the best ones that are out there on the market: You’ve come to the right place!

There are many different functions and variations available on the market with this piece of fitness equipment. Therefore, it can be overwhelming when trying to choose one.

Keep reading below for everything you need to know about muscle roller sticks!

Woman Using Muscle Roller Stick on Her Thigh

What Is a Muscle Roller Stick?

Have you ever wished you could get a deep tissue massage from home, any time you want?

Well, muscle roller sticks are essentially a way to do just that.

A muscle roller stick is a piece of exercise equipment that is used to alleviate sore, tight muscles and muscle knots after a workout.

They have stainless steel cores that can bear large amounts of weight, and are usually padded in foam or other material.

Muscle roller sticks come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. The steel core is attached to a handle at each end, typically with plastic rollers along the middle.

Because of this, the effect of each muscle roller stick will vary. Therefore, you’ll need to choose the stick based on your needs and desired impact.

If you’ve ever used a traditional foam roller, muscle roller sticks are virtually the same thing. Instead of using your body weight to apply pressure, you use your hands.

Why Should You Use a Muscle Roller Stick?

For those who work out frequently, it’s pretty common to have tight, sore joints and muscles afterwards.

If you suffer from post-workout discomfort frequently, a muscle roller stick may work extremely well for pain you experience in your quads, hamstrings, calves, back, arms and other areas.

Muscle roller sticks have actually been proven to improve muscle pain, joint pain, range of motion, flexibility and balance 

Furthermore, there are even some non-exercise-related benefits to using a muscle roller stick!

Using a muscle roller stick can temporarily relieve your cellulite. It does this by helping to remove its appearance, though you will have to do this frequently in order to maintain the effect.

Finally, muscle roller sticks are also a great way to help you relax and reduce stress. After all, what’s better than getting a deep tissue massage whenever you want?

Here Are the Best Muscle Roller Sticks of 2023

What you might call ‘the best muscle roller stick’ others may hate. Quite simply, we all have different needs.

Some of us may be athletes, others struggle with muscle cramps, and some have more complex muscle issues they need to relieve.

So, there are plenty of questions you should be asking yourself before spending money on a muscle roller stick:

  • How much money do you have to spend?
  • How often are you going to use it?
  • Do you need to take it traveling?
  • Do you intend to use it in the water?
  • Do you need a muscle roller stick for a specific condition?
  • Should it be hard and spiky or soft and gentle?

How you answer these questions will likely change which muscle roller stick is best for you.

Best Overall Muscle Roller Stick

IDSON Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes

The IDSON Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes is a well-priced all-purpose muscle roller ergonomically designed to be easy to use. 

Weighing approximately 0.65 pounds, it’s made of high-quality polypropylene, ABS, rubber, and steel. It also has great handles to grip onto—it’s not going to slide out of your hands. With its nine independent rollers, you'll be able to target all the major muscle groups in your body.

The individual rollers are designed to help with self-myofascial release, helping to reduce small and larger muscle soreness. Plus, it’s easy to use—just roll it up and down your body for a few minutes each day.

The soft bumps of this muscle roller stick do a balanced job of providing a deep massage without digging too harshly into the skin.

Lastly, it’s 17.5" long which is pretty average-sized for a muscle roller stick (not too big and not too small), giving you the perfect amount of leverage to relieve your muscles.

If you want something tougher or softer, you should check our best cushioned and spiked muscle roller sticks below.

Best Value Muscle Roller Stick

AirCover’s Muscle Roller Massage Roller Stick

If the idea of spending big bucks on a muscle roller stick seems outrageous to you, you should check out AirCover’s Muscle Roller Massage Roller Stick.

Though this muscle roller stick is arguably the best valued, it features 12 rollers that might be a bit too bumpy for some.

If you’re looking for something gentler, you can instead consider Na.c health’s Wooden Muscle Massage Stick Roller.

Best Muscle Roller Stick for Deep Tissue Massage

‎Physix Gear Sport’s Muscle Roller Stick

‎Physix Gear Sport’s Muscle Roller Stick is arguably one of the best-made muscle roller sticks on our list for a really deep tissue massage.

It’s so well-made in fact, that it’s endorsed by trainers and physiotherapists to assist with a variety of health conditions.

What is also quite likable about this muscle roller stick is its anti-slip, molded nub handles, which make it easy to apply pressure where needed.

Best Cushioned Muscle Roller Stick

Gaiam’s Restore Massage Stick Roller

Not everyone is into bumps and spikes when it comes to muscle roller sticks. Some of us are sensitive and need something a little softer.

If that’s true for you, you should be looking at Gaiam’s Restore Massage Stick Roller which is foam cushioned.

Do note though, that this muscle roller stick is a little pricier than some of the others and at 19", it’s one of the longest on our list.

Best Spiked Muscle Roller Stick

Coolife Fascia Muscle Roller

You’re probably not going to find anything spikier than the Coolife Fascia Muscle Roller which is essentially just three spiky massage balls on a stick.

It’s also available in 4 colors and is no longer than 16.5". It can also be used to help with cellulite.

Elsewhere, Gaiam’s Pressure Point Muscle Roller is very similar, also consisting of three spiky balls. It’s just a little longer and a tiny bit heavier.

Both muscle roller sticks have great reviews.

Best Waterproof Muscle Roller Stick

Oasis’s Muscle Massage Roller Stick

If you need a muscle roller stick specifically to use in water, you may want to avoid metal that could rust, or look for a muscle roller stick where the metal is well-protected.

Similarly, some muscle roller sticks are wooden, and while they are perfectly good to use, they won’t last too long in the water either.

Ideally, you might want to look for a muscle roller stick that’s mostly or entirely made of high-quality plastic or rubber or something else equally resistant.

Our option is Oasis’s Muscle Massage Roller Stick which while it’s not strictly designed to be waterproof, is made of “PVC+PP” plastic, so it won’t be susceptible to water damage.

However, do note that this muscle roller stick is very new and has few reviews.

Best Travel Muscle Roller Stick

Tiger Tail’s 11" Massage Stick Portable Roller

Many muscle roller sticks on the market are around 17" long which can make them a little awkward to travel with.

Ideally, they should also be sturdy enough not to break and be as light as possible. On top of that, their shape should be convenient when packing.

Tiger Tail’s 11" Massage Stick Portable Roller is one of the easiest muscle roller sticks we have seen, and the product has great reviews.

However, the handles are notably quite small at only 2" which may be tricky to use for some.

Elsewhere, you might want to take a look at Woody Z Products Wooden Anti Cellulite Massage roller. It’s 15" long and is another wooden option.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that shorter muscle roller sticks may come with fewer features, such as spikes.

Methodology - How We Picked the Best Muscle Rollers Sticks

You can be forgiven for thinking that all muscle roller sticks are the same or that there’s little difference between them.

Well, the truth is, the more you research muscle roller sticks and the more you use them, the more noticeable the difference becomes.

There are plenty of muscle roller sticks that will break with little use, cost far too much for what they offer, are not easy to use, or overrepresent their benefits.

That’s why it’s really important to listen to other customers when deciding on the top muscle roller sticks (or when reviewing any similar product).

But don’t assume that a product that has a solid five-star rating is the best one out there! If there’s only a handful of reviews that doesn’t mean much.

Instead, a muscle roller stick with a four-star rating but thousands of reviews is likely to be more trustworthy.

Whatever you do, don’t automatically assume that the first product that appears in your search is the best. Oftentimes, these are featured or promoted products that are paid to appear on top.

The more you read and examine each product, the better your chances of finding a muscle roller stick that will fit your needs, last long, and not cost you a small fortune.

Woman Using a Massage Roller Stick On Her Calf

What to Take into Consideration When Buying a Muscle Roller Stick


There are a variety of different sizes to choose from when looking for a muscle roller stick. Sizes include, but aren’t limited to 11”, 18” and 22” options.

If you’re wanting to use the roller on specific, smaller areas of your body, you may want a smaller roller.

If you’re wanting to use it for a full body massage on yourself (or even others), a regular-sized muscle roller stick could be the way to go.

Size is also really important to consider if you want to travel with the stick. Purchasing a muscle roller stick that’s specially designed for traveling may be a great option to look into!


It’s important to choose a material suitable for your own body’s needs. While plastic rollers are the most common type found on muscle roller sticks, you can also find foam options out there.

Both options aim to decrease pain within your body and increase flexibility, muscle recovery and range of motion.

Foam-covered rollers will be much gentler on your body, so consider the intensity you are wanting out of your muscle roller before you purchase one.

Make sure to do research into the firmness or softness of the roller you’re looking to purchase. This will help you to ensure that it’s going to give you the results you are looking for.

You may find that a firmer material may last longer than something softer, due to the pressure you exert.


Be sure to compare prices between muscle roller sticks when looking for one to purchase. Some of the pricier options don’t actually offer a better experience or more features.

In fact, there are inexpensive options out there that cover all bases. They’re designed nicely, are durable, and of high quality.

However, also be aware that some of the cheaper options are cheap for a reason!

Make sure to check the reviews on any products you’re interested in buying, as other consumers will be aware of any faults they may have.

How to Use a Muscle Roller Stick

Woman Using Muscle Roller Stick Under Her Thigh

For tight muscles such as calves or quads, sit down and hold onto each handle of your muscle roller.

Press the stick into the top of your muscle and apply as much pressure as you feel you need. Roll the stick up and down the muscle.

If you feel a spot that is particularly tight or has a knot in it, you can press the stick into that same place for 15-20 seconds to help ease the pain out of the muscle.

You want to aim for about 10-20 strokes per muscle or body area. You may need 20-30 in areas that are causing you a lot of pain.

Bear in mind that you'll need to adjust the pressure you are applying depending on the area you’re focusing on.

Muscle Roller Sticks FAQs

Which Is Better – Foam Roller Or Stick?

Foam rollers are large, cylindrical pieces of foam that you lay or sit on. Doing so applies pressure to an area of your body.

An example of this would be laying with one quad on top of your foam roller that’s on the ground. You’d then rock your body back and forth to roll that quad muscle over the roller.

This motion will apply pressure to the muscle, rolling out tension, knots, aches and more.

The foam is designed to take all of your body weight, using gravity to spread that weight through the foam and into the muscle itself.

Stick muscle rollers rely on pressure from your hands as you control where the roller goes.

If you are looking for a smaller, more accurate muscle roller experience, the stick may be a better option for you.

Is It Safe to Use Muscle Roller Sticks?

As long as you aren’t rolling the muscle sticks over injured areas or applying more pressure than you can handle, using a muscle roller stick is considered safe. Don't think that because you have a high pain tolerance, you should push it. 

If you’ve had a recent tear or break in your muscle or limb, be sure to get yourself cleared by a medical professional before rolling over those areas with a muscle stick roller (or any kind of foam roller).

How Often Should You Use a Muscle Roller Stick?

If you do so correctly, you can roll your muscles multiple times per day. However, in most cases, 3 times a week should be enough for you to feel the benefits of this activity.

If you are having issues with your muscles, you can also try rolling them out before or after your workouts to increase blood flow.

Provided you’re using the correct level pressure and technique, it’s safe to roll out your muscles daily if you feel like doing so.




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