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Kanjo Acupressure Belt, Onyx

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Kanjo Acupressure Belt, Onyx

Taken from ancient Chinese methodologies used in acupuncture, the Kanjo acuPressure Belt targets acupressure points to reduce pain throughout the body.

The Kanjo acuPressure Belt allows users to enjoy the benefits of acupressure on the go or away from home — anywhere it might not be convenient to use your Kanjo Mat. The Kanjo acuPressure Belt can also be tied to various parts of the body for acupressure relief while sitting at a desk, lying down or even performing various exercises like yoga or pilates.

The Kanjo Belt is made using: 

  • 100% organic cotton linen
  • BPA-free ABS plastic stimulators
Ways to use the Kanjo Belt: 
  • Tie the belt to your lower back
  • Apply the belt to your leg or arm
  • Tie the belt to a pillow and apply pressure to the area where you’re experiencing pain
  • Place the belt on a friend and apply steady, even pressure

Includes: Kanjo on-the-go carry bag